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We are very proud of our teas. We have a large variety of different flavors, types of teas and tisanes.More and more studies are out all the time about the good benefits of drinking tea. I just read a new article in womens health that they believe green tea will protect us from different forms of breast cancers. "Bush" teas (honeybush and rooibus) have higher anti-oxidents than any type of teas or tisanes. It turns out black tea is actually good for you as it is full of anti oxidants. Tisanes have no tea but are made with different herbal belnds and arefull of the vitamins and minerals that so many herbs have. The benefits are really amazing sometimes. Hibiscus is higher in vitamin c than broccoli or oranges and it tastes wonderful. A lot of my blends have hibiscus in them. Any sweetening in my teas and tisanes is stevia leaf. It is the natural leaf and is brewed right along with your tea. No processing at all just dried and added. Alfalfa Mint is a great iced tea and the kids love it. One big difference between it and soft drinks is the benefits of the herbs. Alfalfa is up to 50% protein. You don't get all of that protien by brewing it but you still get a lot of protein in the tea. The mint is good for your stomach and digestion. Soft drinks are not. I hope you will try our teas and i hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them. Tea time!!

Item Name

Purple Berry Hibiscus


Raspberry Tea

Raspberry tea is a winner. The aroma is like a fresh raspberry. It is full of flavor and makes...

Stevia Leaf

4X6 Bag

Strawberry Kiss


Strawberry Tea

Great summer flavor. Makes great iced tea. Lots of strawberry flavor.

Summer Ambrosia Tea

Black tea blended perfectly with all the fruit flavors of summer. Iced tea is delightful and hot...

Summer Fruit Moringa


Vanilla Caramel Rooibos

What a great warm flavor this tea has. Rooibos blended with the rich flavors of vanilla and...

Vanilla Chai Tea


Weight Loss Tea


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