We have some of the best rubs you can find anywhere. Our rubs don't over power the taste of what you are cooking but just lend a subtle flavor that always has guests asking "what did you do to this?". When applying rubs to your meats make sure to always dry the meat good with paper towels first. Next always rub oil on all sides then add your rubs and seasonings. Apply rub like you would heavy salt and pepper. My rubs are all fresh and not sugar and salt based so it doesnt take as much to still get great flavor. Finally let meat set out of the fridge for 30 minutes to an hour before you cook it. This gives the seasonings a chance to do their magic and it also makes for more even cooking. All my rubs are handmade with all organic herbs and spices. I know you will love them.

Item Name

Smokin Pig Powder

Smokin Pig Powder is full of Chile flavor. This one has a kick but it stands up well when smoking...

Tailgaters Choice

Tailgaters is the choice for lots of backyard grillers. When you take crushed black peppercorns and...


Wing Ding Chicken Wing Rub

OK, I admit it I'm a wing junkie!!! I LOVE chicken wings. This is sooo easy to do and the taste is...

Sugar Smokin Rib Rub

Ms. Nettie's Sugar Smokin Rib Rub is what you want if you are looking for a sweet sticky rub for...

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